Quality Pool Deck Repair Services

Is your pool deck becoming cracked or developing chipped areas? If so, our professional pool deck repair services are for you! Our team has the skills and techniques to repair practically any damage on your pool deck and leave it barely noticeable! Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured to guarantee that you’re receiving the highest quality craftsmanship from certified professionals. Don’t let your pool deck become a danger to you and your family. Let us help get it repaired today!
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    How We Repair Your Concrete Pool Deck

    Fillers: Our team will fill small cracks with an injectable epoxy filler to prevent them from spreading and add strength to your pool deck.
    Patches: When we encounter larger cracks or chipped areas, we’ll use a concrete patch to repair these spots and smooth the surface.
    Pressure Washing: If your pool deck is stained, we can use a pressure washer and specialized cleaners to remove these stains.
    Grit Additives: If your pool deck has become slippery, we can use grit additives to give your pool deck more slip resistance.
    Slabjacking: In situations where your pool deck is settling and sinking, we can use slabjacking techniques to lift it back to the proper height.

    Signs that Your Pool Deck Needs Repairs

    There are many signs that can show you that your pool deck needs repairs. If damage to your concrete pool deck is not addressed, it can lead to injuries or worse. Pool decks need to be kept safe and damage-free. If you notice any signs that you need pool deck repairs, our team can handle the repairs and leave your pool deck looking as good as new! Below, we’ll cover some of the most common tell-tale signs that your pool deck needs professional repairs.
    One of the first signs that your concrete pool deck requires repairs is the appearance of cracks. Cracks in your pool deck can be caused by the underlying soil shifting, changing weather conditions, and even hard impacts. When it rains a lot and saturates the soil around your pool deck, it can cause the ground to expand and contract, which can lead to cracks in the pool deck above. If you notice cracks in your pool deck, you need to have repairs made.
    Chipping Areas
    As your concrete pool deck wears down, certain areas can begin to chip. When this happens, your concrete will start to flake away and even compromise the structural integrity of your pool deck. These chipped areas will need to be repaired, or they will spread and affect more and more of your pool deck. If you see chips starting to form and flake away, you need to have your pool deck repaired before the damage spreads.
    Uneven Appearance
    It’s typically a sign that you need repairs if your concrete pool deck looks uneven. This can occur for several reasons, including weather conditions or poor construction. If this isn’t addressed quickly, it can lead to more severe problems like crumbling or breaking. These problems can also result in injuries. If you notice that your pool deck isn’t even, you should contact as soon as possible to address the damage.
    Water Pooling
    This is one of the easiest signs to notice with your concrete pool deck. If your pool deck is not draining naturally or efficiently, water can start to pool in certain areas around the deck. This can lead to increased wear and quickly damage your concrete. Your pool deck should have been coated with a waterproof coating to protect it from the pool water and the weather, though these can wear thin as time moves on. If you notice water pooling on your concrete pool deck, call us to fix the problem!
    Stains and discoloration aren’t always problems that will lead to your pool deck failing. However, they can make your pool deck slippery in spots and will make it look unsightly. Stains and discoloration can be caused by a number of things, from spilled drinks or food to years of UV exposure. If you see stains forming around your pool deck or if it’s discolored, give us a call to correct this issue.
    Like anything, concrete pool decks won’t last forever. Time will wear down your pool deck and cause a variety of problems to occur, including cracking, as mentioned earlier, chipping, and pooling water. When your concrete starts aging, it can begin to look shabby and worn down. This is the perfect time to have your concrete evaluated for repairs before any significant damage occurs. If you notice that your concrete is looking aged, or if you know that it’s getting old, call us to evaluate your pool deck.
    Why Hire a Professional
    Pool deck repair isn’t always a DIY-friendly project to undertake. In general, concrete repairs need to be completed by trained professionals to ensure that the damage, and the cause of that damage, is appropriately and correctly repaired. Attempting a pool deck repair without the necessary knowledge, tools, and experience can result in sub-par repairs, damage returning, and in some cases, worsening damage. If your pool deck is in need of repairs, don’t try it yourself. Give us a call!
    Repair vs. Resurfacing
    In some cases, your pool deck’s damage will be too much for an attractive repair. Most minor damage can be repaired and hidden so that your pool deck looks new. However, when cracks, chipped areas, and stains litter the surface of your pool deck, repairs can end with your deck looking like a patchwork mess. In these situations, our company recommends pool deck resurfacing. Pool deck resurfacing involves repairing this damage and coating your pool deck with new material, such as an overlay, stamped concrete, or a Kool Deck coating!