Pool deck resurfacing is an incredibly useful service that can save homeowners time and money. This process repairs damage to pool decks then coats the deck with a brand new surface material to create a unique look!

There is a myriad of benefits that comes with having your pool deck resurfaced. What are these benefits, you may ask? That’s why we’re here!

In this short article, we’ll examine the fantastic benefits of pool deck resurfacing and how they can help homeowners. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Cost-efficiency

Sometimes homeowners see their pool decks aging and wearing down and think that the only solution is to replace it. However, this is a time-consuming and expensive process. This can all be avoided with pool deck resurfacing.

When you have your pool deck resurfaced, all the damage will be repaired, and the surface of the pool deck will be coated with the new surface material, leaving your pool deck like new! This process is significantly more affordable than a replacement and takes remarkably less time.

2. Gain a Safer Surface

As the years go on, you can expect your pool deck to wear down from the regular water exposure and foot traffic it experiences. This can make the pool deck slippery in some places and cause trip hazards in others. These factors can lead to severe injuries or worse.

By choosing to have a professional concrete contractor resurface your pool deck, you can rest assured that any trip hazards will be covered, and you’ll get a new surface that provides better traction. As a result, you and your family can feel safer when enjoying the pool!

3. Options for Every Style and Budget

The options that pool deck resurfacing has to offer is one of the benefits that homeowners can have fun with! No matter what the style is in your backyard or what your budget is set to, there’s an option for you! There are options that fit any price range and design scheme, from micro-toppings to stamped concrete overlays to Kool Deck coatings. These options come in practically a limitless variety of colors, patterns, and textures. You can even create a surface that mimics high-end materials, such as brick, stone, and more!

4. Increased Longevity

Pool deck resurfacing will add years to the lifespan of your concrete pool deck! When you have your pool deck repaired and resurfaced, you can avoid premature replacement and enjoy your existing deck for many more years! On average, a professional pool deck resurfacing can add up to 20 years or more to your pool deck’s life!

5. Cool Down Your Deck

As many people know, concrete pool decks can get rather hot as the blazing sun beats down in the middle of summer. Your concrete should’ve been treated with a sealer that can help reduce this heat to a degree, but it will wear off as the years pass by.

You can lessen the heat absorption of your pool deck with pool deck resurfacing! When you choose a coating like Kool Deck coatings, you’ll get a surface that’s cooler to the touch and lasts much longer. These concrete coatings are designed to reduce how much heat your concrete absorbs from the sun and makes walking barefoot across your deck more comfortable!

Finishing Up

Pool deck resurfacing is the perfect solution to virtually any worn-out concrete pool deck! With incredible benefits like cost-efficiency, safer surfaces, options for any style or budget, increased longevity, and cooler concrete, it’s no surprise why so many homeowners are choosing resurfacing over replacement!